On January 24th 2011.
At 7:59 am.
24 persons would
photograph their perception
of the moment...
24 persons, each living 
in a different time zone
Making then 
a day of morning
Does you feel up to it ?
And what if we were much more than 24?

Precision of a light and simple idea.

"Every morning of the world" is a soft idea.
The aim is to gather at least 24 persons around a simple project:
Take a free and personal photo translating your morning of the 24th of January 2011 at 7:59 am.
Our planet has been divided in 24 time zones.
To cover a full day of mornings, the project needs at least 24 persons from a different time zone.
The subject of the photography remains totally free, within the limits of freedom and of physical respect and morality of individuals

Till January 24th, I will shoot the « morning » idea.
Every day at 7:59 am, I will take a picture. It won't matter how the morning will look like - dark, bright, common or unusual.
These snapshots do not aim to show an artistic or journalistic vision. They just need to depict the moment.

By the same token, you blog-visitor will help me, and through word of mouth, social networks, you will help me to gather these 24 persons before January 15th of 2011.

Every morning of the world isn't just about 24 mornings.
Anyone tickled, inspired or moved by this simple idea can also participate by sending me her/his opinion or promise HERE ( tlmdm@sfr.fr ) (if you are absent-minded, it does not matter. One week and the day before January 24, I will send a reminder to anyone who promises.

Don't send any photo in advance! The photo must be taken on January 24th at 7:59 am and sent to me within the same day.

Important note of 22/10/10:  Every day I am thrilled by all your promises!
I started this project in all innoncence and I still allow myself time to think about the best way to put forward all your "moments". 
Everything will be available on the Internet so that everybody can see the result.
But other propositions are yet available to us today!
ThusI deem important to specify that the photos could be exhibited either in a virtual or " real " gallery.
According to your wish, your name ( with the exception of the time zone ) will be protected or on the contray it will be mentionned.

Je m'appelle Myriam et je remercie mon amie Marie pour les gestes d'urgence et Rodolphe  pour la finesse de la traduction. 
My name is Myriam and I thank Marie and Rodolphe for the translation.